Essences from Nature

Flavours and Extracts with passion

We are what we Do

GFF is not just a brand… it represents a whole world!
Giotti Flavours Firenze, Giotti Fabiani Firenze, Giotti Flavours & Fragrances, and Giotti Flavours & Friends above all.

An exciting journey that began decades ago and that is constantly evolving. Two families, one vision, one story: innovation and a boundless passion for their work, because it is genetic!

Discover our History

Aromatic solutions tailor-made

Services reliable, quick and flexible
Services designed according to the needs of each customer; our range of products varies from liquid to powder and covers all types of applications, from beverage, to sweet, to savory
The Customer
We design the optimal product based on cost, dosage and labeling needs
Customer Care
We offer high-level pre and post sales assistance, emphasizing the primary role that customer satisfaction plays
Tailor made
To enrich our product portfolio for the total benefit of the customer, we offer the possibility of creating customized aromatic solutions, to design the optimal product based on cost, dosage and labeling needs.

Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies for a product that tastes of the Future

Industria 4.0
Fully automated production plants in line with the needs of the current and above all future market
New extraction methods
Research & development plays a central role in our project, we continue to experiment and study new solutions
Green Production
Study of new low environmental impact production processes and low energy impact solutions